The Institute has an academic character and belongs of the Congregation of Marians of The Immaculate Conception of B.V.M. The objective of The Institute is to conduct and to promote research as well as publications concerning history and spirituality of The Congregation.

The Institute realizes its objective through the following:
a) Critical editing and publication of sources concerning history and spirituality.
b) Conducting reserch studies.
c) Organizing conferences
d) Inspiring the marians, other religious and the lay scholars to take interest in groundwork studies in history and spirituality of the Congregation of Marians.
e) Collaboration with the Provincial Historical and Spiritual Com-mittees, as well as other institutes or individuals outside of the Congregation, willing to realize the Institute's goals.
f) Publishing.
g) Publishing of the specialized periodical reflecting work of the Institute under the title: Ephemerides Marianorum.

The Institute is located at the Marian House of the Assumption of B.V.M at Lichen Stary, Poland, as its headquarters.

The Board of Members of the Institute:
Janusz Kumala MIC, Director (Poland), Marek Ciebień MIC (Rwanda), Jan Sergiusz Gajek MIC (Belarus), Tadeusz Górski MIC (Poland), Jan Kosmowski MIC (Poland), Kazimierz Krzyżanowski MIC (USA), Wacław Makoś MIC (Poland), Basileu dos Anjos Pires MIC (Portugal), Marian Pisarzak MIC (Poland).

The members of the Institute consist of marians, appointed by the Superior General upon the advice of the General Council and the director of the Institute.



Dane adresowe

Centrum Formacji Maryjnej
„Salvatoris Mater”
ul. Klasztorna 4
62-563 Licheń Stary


Telephone: (48) 63 270 77 20 


Konto bankowe

Bank Pocztowy S.A. o/Konin 
85 1320 1449 2762 9475 2000 0001